Former Insider Claimed Trump Forced Underage Epstein Victims To Wear Gloves “When Servicing Him”

Just remember while you're reading this that Trump and his allies are attacking Biden for sniffing hair.

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Former Apprentice staffer Noel Casler struck again this week when he informed the Twitterverse of his shock that President Donald Trump won’t wear a mask during the coronavirus pandemic with a little tidbit about how Trump treated Jeffrey Epstein’s underage victims.

As Americans across the country wears masks to prevent spread of the virus, Trump has declined to do so himself.

“I don’t know, somehow I don’t see it for myself,” he said. Likely, Trump’s supporters have interpreted that statement as meaning they don’t have to wear masks themselves and can go on risking infection or spreading it to others.

But Casler was reminded of something far more disgusting when he heard Trump’s remark.

You see, Trump is a notorious germophobe who literally once kicked a member of his staff out of the Oval Office just for coughing, and that was not during a pandemic.

Casler noted that despite Trump’s phobia, he refuses to wear a condom, something adult film star Stormy Daniels confirmed when she revealed the graphic details of their affair.

But when it came to Jeffrey Epstein’s underage victims, Trump allegedly had strict rules.

Trump and Epstein were once close pals. And as we all know, Epstein was a pedophile who trafficked underage girls or duped them into visiting his home where he groomed them to be his next victims. He didn’t just keep his victims for himself, however. He also shared them with his wealthy friends. Trump has even been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at a party hosted by Epstein in 1994.

And now we know another lurid detail of how far Trump went to keep his alleged sex crimes covered up.

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