Former Insider Claims Donald Jr Was On Cocaine During Hannity Interview From Last Night: “Daddy Left Him His Dealers Back In NYC”

Junior looks so HIGH.

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Former Trump insider turned stand-up comedian Noel Casler spent six seasons on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and he’s repeatedly broken the NDA he signed to dish on the president because he knows how dangerous Donald is. It’s been widely speculated that Trump has an affinity for Adderall, but Casler has confirmed that he abuses the drug. There are all kinds of things Casler has revealed, from Trump’s inappropriate behavior with his daughter to the president’s history of severe drug abuse that led to an issue with incontinence.

Well, Donald Trump Jr. was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity and the president’s son did appear to be on the verge of jumping out of his own skin as he attempted to revise history. Junior also tried to claim that his father saved New York City. In fact, Junior kept rambling on so much that Hannity told Trump’s son, “Gotta move on!”

Casler added some insight regarding the wild interview, tweeting that Junior “likes to snort the ya-yo,” adding that “Daddy left him his dealers back in NYC.” Ya-yo is slang for cocaine, by the way.


You be the judge:

Cocaine can make a user feel euphoric, energetic, talkative, mentally alert, and hypersensitive to sight, sound, and touch. The drug can also temporarily decrease the need for food and sleep. As a long term effect, it can also result in brain damage, and we think Junior has that part covered pretty well.

Best-selling author Stephen King asked earlier this month on Twitter if it’s just a rumor that the president abuses Adderall.

Casler weighed in.

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Trump, who has always been handy with the block feature on Twitter, has never blocked Casler. Trump has never threatened him with a lawsuit or sent a cease and desist letter.

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