Former Insider Claims Trump Used To Have A Reputation For “Beating Girls” In Brothels: “He Was A Feared Customer”

This makes me feel sick.

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We’ve known since day one that Donald Trump is a horrible person. We knew it before he ended up in the White House with help from Russia and some corruption here at home and we know it even more so now that we’re three years into this disastrous excuse for a presidency and we’re all about to die of a massive pandemic.

And frankly, it’s not just tax cuts for the 1 percent that has us saying this.

It’s no secret that Donald’s “politics” are disgustingly horrible in a way we’ve never quite seen in this nation before. But the president’s disgustingness stretches a lot farther than his policies in the White House.


Over the years, Trump has been accused of everything from tossing the elderly out on the sidewalk to make room for younger, “better” tenants in his apartments to a relationship with the late child rapist Jeffrey Epstein that goes far deeper than any of us will likely ever know.

Knowing that the leader of our nation, the one person that we’re supposed to be able to depend on as a deadly virus sweeps through our country and wreaks havoc on our lives has a past that would make Hitler squirm has been one of the most difficult things that this generation of people has likely ever faced.

However, one former Trump employee has seemingly made it his duty over the course of the Trump presidency to make sure we all know just exactly who we’re dealing with — and it’s even worse than we thought.

Noel Casler worked on the set of Donald Trump’s reality TV show The Apprentice, and while he now makes a living as a stand-up comedian, the former Trump insider still takes it upon himself to educate the public on all of the very worst things about his old boss.

Some of them are sort of funny, in an “oh my God, we’re all going to die” sort of way. But most of them, like this one, are just gut-wrenching.

In the wake of Donald’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing yesterday, a makeshift MAGA rally that’s become a daily occurrence since COVID-19 shut down his ability to conduct real ones, Casler took to his Twitter with a new revelation regarding the guy that has the keys to the White House. And it’s a violent one.

“Does anyone watching this presser not believe Trump’s reputation for beating girls in the brothels he frequented in Trump Tower & NYC? He was a feared customer. He is a violent deviant toward women,” Casler’s tweet reads.

Folks, that’s terrifying.

While it’s impossible, as with all of these Twitter revelations, to actually confirm the legitimacy of the claim with 100 percent accuracy — it’s impossible to ignore the fact that it’s textbook Trump behavior if ever there were any.

Donald has been clear over the course of his reign of power that treating women with respect isn’t anywhere to be found on his to-do list. This is the same guy who has multiple rape allegations against him, the same guy that’s been photographed multiple times with multiple child sex offenders, including Epstein, and has even found himself involved in lawsuits with him.

I don’t know if it’s true. But I do know that I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if it were. And that makes me sick.

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