Former Insider Revealed Trump’s Alleged Go-To Pick Up Line Involving Ivanka And Social Media Couldn’t Hold Back Their Gags

Oh dear GOD.

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Over the years there has been a lot of information swirling around, both fact and speculation, regarding Donald Trump’s treatment of women. We have seen the Epstein files of a then 13-year-old girl’s recount of Trump and his pal raping her. We’ve seen and heard of the dozens of other rape and sexual assault allegations against the man who served as president of the United States for four long years, including but not limited to allegations from his own ex-wife. And frankly, we’ve seen the disrespect and disdain with which Trump treats women in his day to day life even now.

But perhaps the most disturbing of them all, while only speculation rather than a fact, is the relationship Trump has with his eldest daughter Ivanka.

There’s simply no denying that Ivanka is the favorite of all the Trump spawns. Even her elder brother Don Jr., who shares a name with his father, makes “jokes” about the favoritism between his dad and sister. However, people have long been wondering just how deep that “father/daughter” relationship goes for the pair and wondering, some even going so far as to assume, that Ivanka has been subjected to a long history of grooming and abuse at the hands of her father herself.

Again, there’s simply been no concrete proof of such, despite Ivanka’s body language and Donald’s long history of rape and abuse. However, sometimes a revelation drops in our lap that makes these theories nearly impossible to not believe. And typically speaking, they come from none other than former Apprentice employee Noel Casler, who actually served as Ivanka’s personal handler for some time.

Now, the bombshells from Casler are plentiful and they typically don’t come with too much evidence attached to them aside from his word. But, when it’s coming from pretty much the only person Trump hasn’t sued for breaking an NDA, well, it’s pretty easy to trust him.

And frankly, this revelation simply doesn’t surprise me.

Recently, Casler took to his Twitter to share with us Donald’s alleged go-to pick up line. And according to the former employee, it sickeningly involves his own daughter:

To say the least, social media was downright repulsed:

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Honestly, I hope she gets help.

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