Former Republican Official Says Republicans Are On The Verge Of “Wiping Themselves Out” And Becoming “Permanent Minority Party” Because Of Trump

They need to be out of power for several generations.

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As the 2020 presidential election approaches, most Republicans still support Donald Trump despite all the damage he has done and is currently doing to the country. And that could seal their fate as a party for the foreseeable future.

Beset by national crises — including a global pandemic that has killed 112,000 Americans and mass protests and unrest over police brutality and racial injustice — skyrocketing deficits and widening income inequality, the erosion of civil and human rights, and behavior from a president that is far from presidential, the GOP is facing a tremendous uphill battle to remain relevant as much as they do to remain in power.

Polls across the country show Republicans down in many races in key battleground states. Trump himself is losing to Biden in those same states. Yet most Republicans refuse to abandon Trump even though their political survival is at stake.


It’s so bad for them right now that Kurt Bardella, former spokesperson for the Republican-majority House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, warned that the GOP is wiping themselves out and could end up being the “permanent minority party” if they don’t change fast.

“When I see people like Mitt Romney (R-UT) do what he did yesterday and the Republicans publicly starting to — some of them come out and change their public posture on Donald Trump and making more bold statements like we’ve seen from people like former Secretary of State Colin Powell, you know, the military leaders, I just wonder how many more Republicans are going to start doing that,” Bardella said.

“Is this the beginning of something much bigger or is this just going to be an aberration?” he continued. “We’ll see if the Republican Party sees it. Donald Trump — this is a sinking ship, it’s time to get off of this because if they don’t, I think that you’re going to see the Republican Party wipe themselves out into becoming a permanent minority party, much like what happened to the Republican Party in California out there.”

Here’s the video:

Republicans may not only lose the White House, but also the Senate majority. If 2018 was a blue tsunami, 2020 could be an asteroid impact that nearly renders the GOP extinct.

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