Former Spokesperson Claims Trump Chose RNC Convention Instead Of Rally Tonight To Avoid The Embarrassment Of Empty Seats

Dude, that's so embarrassing.

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Now that the dust has begun to settle around his disgraceful departure from the White House, ex-President Donald Trump has reportedly been in talks of reigniting his old, downright dreadful KKK MAGA rallies; despite the fact that he has yet to actually announce any official plans of running for the presidency for the third time.

But nevertheless, it’s crystal clear that the guy is downright desperate for some attention and is absolutely dying to get back out in the spotlight, especially now that he doesn’t even have any social media platforms to draw in supporters and his blog fizzled out in less than a pathetic month. So it came as no surprise when it was announced that Trump was planning to make a debut of sorts at the Republican National Convention in North Carolina tonight.

However, according to one former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, there’s a pretty damn sad reason behind why Trump chose the RNC for his “coming out” rather than one of his traditional MAGA rallies.


Apparently, he was scared of the embarrassment that would come with empty seats.

Trump is headed to Greenville, NC tonight to deliver a speech to Republican activists at the RNC — some of whom have expressed pretty serious concerns over what he’s going to say during the event — and North Carolina native and former RNC spokesperson Doug Heye warned that viewers of the event can most likely expect the former president to harp on his traditional talking points.

“We know exactly what he’s going to say — the election was rigged, stolen,” Heye said, speaking with NPR. “He’ll tease running for president again. ‘Wouldn’t you love me to run again? Well, I’m thinking about it….’ And he’ll take shots at those who voted to impeach [him].”

“That Trump is doing a state party convention makes sense,” he added. “It’s a controlled environment and doesn’t risk the empty seats he could have at a rally — no more football stadiums.”

We assume Heyes’ comment is in reference to Trump’s embarrassing Tulsa rally last June that was little more than empty seats and a few stragglers after his campaign spent days bragging that it was overbooked.

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