Former Trump Insider Alleges Crew Name For “The Apprentice” Was “Sh*t Show” Due To Trump’s Incontinence, Claims It Was One Of The Reasons For NDAs

Oof. That's... Crappy.

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Despite Trump’s repeated claims that he’s young and full of vigor and vitality, multiple revelations from former employees and Trump insiders have long been telling a different story.

It’s no secret that Donald has a long history of suspected drug abuse that’s led to the rapid decline we know and loathe today — all the slurred speech, incessant sniffing, incoherence, forgetfulness, and awkward gait, just to name a few key indicators.

Leading the pack of allegations against the man who now “leads” our nation is none other than former Trump insider turned stand-up comedian, Noel Casler.

Casler formerly worked on the set of Donald’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, and has spent the last three years of the Trump reign of terror dropping bombshell allegations against the president on the American public.

It was Casler that originally helped to solidify the suspicion of drug use when he claimed on his social media account that Donald has a very long, deep history of Adderall abuse.

But the former reality TV show employee’s startling revelations didn’t stop at Donnie’s drug habits.

Over the years, we’ve been subjected to a lot of alleged Trump truths at the hands of Noel Casler, but I’m not sure that any have been quite as disgustingly stomach-turning as this one.

Casler has previously claimed that Donald’s history of severe drug abuse led to an issue with incontinence, ultimately resulting in Trump wearing adult diapers to avoid horribly embarrassing situations in public.

However, Noel pushed his revelation a step further when he claimed that Trump’s inability to control his bowel movements actually resulted in a rather crappy nickname for The Apprentice set:

The former insider went on to claim that Trump’s bathroom habits — or, rather, not bathroom habits —  was one of the reasons why Donald forced his employees to sign an NDA.

I suppose he didn’t want throngs of people doing exactly what Casler has done here and tell the world that he crapped his pants so regularly that he earned the entire set a shitty nickname.

Of course, as with any allegation like this one, the legitimacy of it is ultimately almost impossible to confirm. But hey, when it comes to Donald Trump, there’s very… VERY little that would surprise me at this point.

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