Former Trump Insider Responds To Don Jr’s Tweet Hawking New Book: “The Shame In Your Eyes When Your Father Would Soil Himself In Front Of Us”

Donald Trump does big boy boom booms in his pants.

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Noel Casler worked on The Apprentice for six seasons, and if you follow his Twitter timeline, the comedian drops some truly revealing tidbits about Donald Trump and his family members — some of the nuggets of information we could have gone a lifetime without knowing. But, we now have a morally bankrupt president, so nothing seems shocking anymore. Casler has even revealed Trump’s disgusting ties to sex-trafficking pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Interestingly, the president hasn’t blocked Casler and the comedian has not been sued for breaking the NDA he signed for Trump back in his Apprentice days.

Donald Trump Jr. is trying to hawk another book that is supposed to expose presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Of course, Junior has nothing with the exception of a misplaced apostrophe that he had to correct on the cover. And the only people who will read Don Jr’s scribblings are Trump supporters that would never vote for Biden anyway — and they already somehow think the president is a righteous, honest, God-fearing man. Or, as we call it, they are members of a deranged cult.

Casler interrupted Junior’s grifting tweet that his father retweeted to remind him that the president shits on himself.


“I remember the shame in your eyes when your father would soil himself in front of us on ‘Apprentice’ tapings Scrump,” Casler tweeted to Junior. “It still brings me joy to recall it.”

We wouldn’t normally ridicule an elderly man for losing his bodily functions, but this is about a president who has shamed, mocked, and demeaned others, so all bets are off. The upcoming election is about life and death with more than one hundred and fifty thousand Americans dead from a disease this president failed to act upon promptly when he first heard of the looming threat. And last night, instead of concentrating on fighting the pandemic, Trump was shitposting on Twitter. Maybe Trump is just used to shitting on himself and others, and that’s a difficult habit for this president to break.

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