Former Trump Official May Have Just Confirmed One Of The Ex-President’s Worst Nightmares — Suggests Donald’s Own Former Chief Of Staff Is Cooperating With DOJ A Lot More Than We Realize

This would be absolutely damning for Donald Trump.

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I can only imagine that ex-President Donald Trump fills most of his days now sitting around thinking, hoping that things could not possibly get any worse for him than what they are now. But it always can, Donald. It always can. It always will. And it has.

Trump’s own former White House director of strategic communication made a new appearance on CNN recently, where she made an educated suggestion that, if true, will shape up to be one of the scandal-ridden, disgraced ex-president’s worst nightmares to date.

According to Alyssa Farah Griffin, who sat down for an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, she believes none other than Donald Trump’s own former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, who was the last to serve in the revolving door position during the final days of Trump’s tumultuous term, is personally cooperating far more than anyone has realized with the US Department of Justice in their investigation into Donald’s decision to steal highly-classified documents from the White House and stash them away at his Mar-a-Lago home/resort.

“I do think what’s interesting about this is it signals that Meadows is — I think that he’s probably cooperating more than we realize with the Department of Justice,” Griffin theorized during the interview.

“Okay,” Burnett responded before asking, “So if that’s the case, that means that he is, what, maybe trying to make up for things like this? Or, I mean, who knows? Do you think it’s possible that he is now cooperating a lot more maybe, in part, because of a statement like that, which was, at best, clueless and lazy and at worst a lie?”

“I think so,” the former Trump administration official confirmed, adding, “And also the fact that we haven’t heard him on the airwaves trying to defend Trump or anything like it.”

Griffin went on to further explain, “So I think they have reached out to him and then he’s either cooperating because he’s a direct witness or he’s cooperating because he has a certain level of criminal jeopardy. And the implications go beyond Mar-a-Lago because if he is cooperating and flips, that might implicate President Trump and all sorts of things with respect to Jan. 6, because I think he’d be a key witness against him.”

If Griffin is correct and Mark Meadows has turned on Trump to the DOJ, there’s simply no denying that this is the ex-president’s worst nightmare in the making.

You can watch Griffin’s CNN interview here:

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