Former Trump Staffer Said That Ex-President Used To Hire NYC Cops So “When His Extra-Marital ‘Hobbies’ Transgressed Into Assault,” Police “Were There To Intimidate The Victims”

Lord have mercy.

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Donald Trump finally addressed police brutality during his time in office, but it quickly evolved into a campaign rally event. Trump did, however, announce an executive order that, among other steps, creates a federal database of police officers with a history of using excessive force. Then, it turned into a MAGA rally as he touted the stock market, and attacked his political rivals.

Trump then praised law enforcement and went as far as to say police were owed respect for their work, as he recalled officers who ran into a burning World Trade Center on September 11. Trump failed to address systematic racism in the police department, and that’s not too shocking since his administration did not believe it exists.

Former Trump insider turned stand-up comedian Noel Casler spent six seasons on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and we’ve written about him a lot here at the Political Tribune as he drops nuggets of insight into the most corrupt and morally bankrupt president we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes. Casler explained on Twitter that Trump has/had a close relationship with some New York City police officers who gave him cover while the reality TV show star committed crimes involving drugs and women.

Reminder: Trump has been accused of sexual crimes by numerous women.

And Casler named names:


Casler has spoken out about Trump’s addiction to drugs before, so what he tweeted isn’t that shocking. What is shocking is that Republicans enabled Trump and continue to support the former president.

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