Former US National Security Advisor Just Gave The World The Hope We So Desperately Need: “I Believe Ukraine Can Win The War”

We so desperately needed to hear this.

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In all the heartbreak, loss, fear, and uncertainty that humankind is feeling on a global level right now, former US national security adviser and retired lieutenant general Herbert Raymond McMaster gave us the shred of hope and light that we all so desperately need in these dark, terrifying, heart-shattering times.

During an interview with FRANCE 24, former Lt. General McMaster stated that he fully believes Ukraine can overcome, prevail, and WIN this war with Russia, as he feels Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin has already lost in a sense because he didn’t win straight out of the gate.

In the days since Putin’s invasion and attack against Ukraine, we have published multiple reports on expert theories pertaining to the dictator’s resounding lack of success in his efforts, with numerous experts noting in a variety of ways that things simply are not going the way Vladimir Putin had not only been hoping but expecting.

Now, McMaster has weighed in, stating that the Russian military had proven to be a “Potemkin army” and asserted that Putin’s forces will continue to find themselves on the receiving end of fierce pushback and resilience from the Ukrainian people.

The military expert did admit that Putin may resort to an all-all assault attack on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, not at all dissimilar from his violent attack on Grozny in Chechnya and in Syria’s Aleppo. McMaster used the public interview to call on Western countries to put more genuine effort into helping Ukraine in every way possible, specifically with regard to sending the country more sophisticated weaponry and creating training posts in the west of the nation.

McMaster confirmed with his theory what we’ve all feared, known, to be true; that Vladimir Putin’s sights do not end in Ukraine, but rather he’s looking further into Moldova and Georgia. The retired Lt. General ultimately also used the interview to urge the entire world to take Putin’s threat of nuclear attacks very seriously, especially as Putin gets pushed further and further by the weight of heavy sanctions and he seems himself failing on the ground in Ukraine.

But at the end of the day, there is real, tangible hope for Ukraine and its people.

You can watch the interview here:

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