Fox Host Blames Black Churches, Black Teachers, And “Failure Of Community” For Protests In Minneapolis

Full-blown racism in prime time.

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Of all the circumstances or people that might have some blame to bear in what’s happening in Minneapolis, I think it’s pretty easy to look and see maybe who has the most: Officer Chauvin, of course — if only he hadn’t murdered that guy in cold blood. The police union, maybe. The media? The prosecutor for waiting so long?

White people in general, throughout history?

All I know is those seem pretty obvious to me. What doesn’t sound right to me is anyone who says the victim of this police-enacted crime is responsible, or anyone in his life is responsible.


But I don’t think Fox News’ Lou Dobbs agrees with me much at all about any of that. Not if what he said on his show is any indication. No, if Lou is to be believed, the protests that started in Minneapolis and are now spreading across the country like wildfire all come from a “failure of the community” to properly educate and lift up its members.

You have to wonder, where were the leaders of the community? Where have they been during city council meetings? Where have they been trying to counsel this inexperienced and untested mayor, who is facile and unwilling to stand up like a man and take responsibility in a moment of great sorrow and pain for his community?

They have the ability to control their lives with those local power centers, and I don’t know where the black churches are, I don’t know where the black teachers and leaders are… It is such a failure of community and local government that it’s just pathetic.”

But Lou is relying on a fallacy that many white people end up erroneously concluding: That somehow black people are responsible to end racism, that they’re just not doing their part in the grand scheme of things. You hear the echoes of this fallacy every time someone says “but rappers say it in their songs all the time” or says “if only he would have complied with the officer he’d still be alive today.”

No, Lou. That’s not how it works, and it hasn’t been how it’s worked for years.

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