Fox Host Confronts Trump Over Threat Of Not Allowing A Peaceful Transition Of Power: “Does That Mean That You’re Not Going To Allow A Friendly Transition If Joe Biden Walks Into The White House?”

He is broken.

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As the presidential election gets closer, Donald Trump has continued to suggest that he won’t allow a peaceful transition of power if he loses to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. The former vice-president is besting Trump in all of the polls and shows that Trump is losing in battleground states he won in 2016. “Well, we’ll have to see what happens,” the president said at a news conference at the White House late last month. “You know that.” Trump has repeatedly said that he has been mistreated, and that’s why there may not be a peaceful transition of power if he’s defeated in November.

And on Thursday, Trump did it again, but this time he was confronted by Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

“Under what circumstances would you concede?” Varney asked Trump during a telephone interview.


“All I want is a fair election,” Trump said.

“So, it’s your judgment as to whether it’s fair or not as to whether you would concede,” Varney shot back.

“Stuart, they always talk about the friendly transition,” Trump said. “They spied on my campaign, and they got caught. They tried to overthrow the president of the United States, and they got caught. And then they stand up so innocent, and they say, ‘Will you, you know, do a fair transition?’ Well, they didn’t do a fair transition.”

“You’re implying if you don’t think it’s fair, you won’t leave the White House,” Varney said, “which means you won’t concede.”

“I’m not saying anything,” Trump insisted. “I’m saying this. I think everybody says it. You have to have a fair election. Look at these ballots that are being — tens of thousands of ballots are already fraudulent. I want to see a fair election. That’s all I’m asking for is a fair election.”

“But you know when they talk about a friendly transition, they spied on my campaign,” Trump falsely claimed.

“If it wasn’t a friendly transition when you walked into the White House, does that mean that you’re not going to allow a friendly transition if Joe Biden walks into the White House?” Varney pressed on.

“No, it doesn’t mean anything,” Trump responded. “Except it means people broke the law, people spied on my campaign, and they act so innocent. Like it never happened. ‘Oh, gee, we didn’t do that.’ But then they did it. And we have all the evidence. We have so much evidence.”

“Nobody minded when they interfered with my election,” Trump continued. “So it’s a very interesting period of time. I think we’re doing really well. We’re doing well in states that I’m not even sure people know it.”


There is no evidence that any member of the Obama administration directed counterintelligence agents to monitor the Trump campaign illegally. So, Trump’s claims are fake news.

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