Fox Host Stoops To Disgusting Low In Attack Against Kamala Harris: “This Is What Happens When You Choose Your Vice President Based On Gender And Skin Color”

This is just sickening.

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Every single time I find myself thinking that Fox News has finally hit the lowest of the lows that they could possibly hit, they come around with something new and even more sickening to remind me that there simply is no depth to this network’s depravity.

Over the years, especially throughout Donald Trump’s four-year reign of terror on this country, Fox News Network has pulled a whole lot of disgusting, heinous crap. They’ve spouted racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-women’s rights platforms, and anti-abortion campaign; they’ve touted endless conspiracy theories and participated in some of the biggest coverups of our lifetime, such as the infamous Capitol riot.

But this… This might be one of the most blatantly disgusting things I’ve ever heard come from one of those right-wing talking heads they call a host.


During a recent segment of The Five, the panel of Fox hosts discussed (or, rather, attacked) Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Central America.

Of course, it didn’t really matter what VP Harris did during her time there, because Fox was going to criticize her no matter what, being that she hasn’t yet visited the border for reasons that we don’t even know, though we do all know good and well that they’ll attack her for that too as soon as it happens.

During the segment, host Geraldo Rivera called Harris’ trip so far a disaster, saying, “she’s blown it,” but went on to add that he thinks she could recover once she’s had time to mature in office. Do I agree with him? No. But it’s fair enough coming from Fox News. However, what came next was not only unacceptable, it was so disgustingly racist that I barely have words for it.

Fox talking head and MAGA hack Katie Pavlich weighed in with one of the most racist, sexist things I’ve ever heard spoken:

This is what happens when you choose your vice president based on gender and skin color rather than actual talent and expertise.”

Geraldo was quick to interrupt, saying, “Oh, I don’t agree. That’s way, that’s so mean. She was Attorney General of the state of California and a United States Senator. You can’t demean her…”

See what I mean?

You can watch the clip here:

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