Fox Host Tried To Have A “Gotcha” Moment, Asked For Proof Of Trump’s Lies About COVID-19, Guest Brought Receipts

She kept her receipts!

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If I had to guess, I’d venture to say that Donald J. Trump has been lying through his teeth since the moment he learned to talk. His time as a New York real estate mogul under his father’s wing and bank account was no exception, nor was his time on a reality TV show.

Once he got his hands on the presidency, his position in the White House did nothing to slow down his mistruths either. And now that this nation is facing the biggest pandemic of our lifetimes, it’s clear that mass sickness and death are certainly no exception to Donald’s unwillingness to tell the truth either.

Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has spewed lie after lie to the American public — ultimately resulting in more than 1.5 million cases and 90,000 plus deaths in the United States that’s landed us the top position in the world.


Nevertheless, Fox News Network is still attempting to defend the man at every given opportunity. However, it’s just not turning out in their favor.

Recently, Fox News host Dana Perino sat down for a segment with the senior advisor for Joe Biden’s campaign, Symone Sanders, and tried her hardest to pull a “gotcha” moment on the Democratic frontrunner’s closest employee when she asked for proof of Trump’s lies regarding the coronavirus.

However, Sanders was more than a little prepared with a slew of “receipts” to throw in the conservative new host’s face.

Perino stuttered and stumbled over her words as she asked Symone for “even like one example” of a lie Donald Trump has told regarding the pandemic.

And boy, did she deliver.

“Uhm, everyone that wants a test can get a test,” Sanders began. “How about that lie? Because everyone who wants or needs a test in this country is not able to access a test. How about every, all the governors have the PPE and ventilators that they need? We know that’s not true… There are people sewing masks for frontline workers because they don’t have the proper PPE. Nurses and doctors are going into operating rooms in trash bags.”

A rather uncomfortable looking Perino quickly started to interject, saying, “Yea. On the PPE, I hear ya.”

“There are a couple lies. I don’t wanna take the whole interview to run through them, but the reality is…” Sanders continued but was quickly cut off by the now awkward Fox host who interjected “No, I don’t either. Because there’s plenty of other things to talk about.”

A good rule to live by, Perino, is not asking questions that you don’t want the answer to. Especially not when you’re faced down with a badass woman who doesn’t mind a bit to put you straight in your place.

I suggest you keep that in mind next time.

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