Fox News Attacked VP Kamala Harris For Not Saluting Military, But According To Protocol, She Reportedly Doesn’t Have To

How low can they go?

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Fox News has lost its collective mind again, this time over a clip of Kamala Harris showing a member of the honor guard formally saluting her before boarding Air Force One with the vice president — who has never served in the military — not returning the salute. The network lost its damn mind when former President Barack Obama returned a salute in 2014 while holding a cup of coffee. Well, Obama was the commander-in-chief, and returning the salute was appropriate, just as President Joe Biden has done since entering office. And, the faux outrage over the cup of coffee in Obama’s hands was just that: faux outrage.

As the military site Task & Purpose explains, “there is no regulation that requires presidents to salute the troops. In fact, for most of the country’s history, “presidential salutes” weren’t a thing, not even among those military leaders-turned-presidents, like Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ulysses S. Grant, or Teddy Roosevelt.” And the vice-presidential salute isn’t a thing, either.

But, this is Fox News, so they are outraged.


Ah, yes, the network is feigning that Harris disrespected the military even though Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been bashing the military — specifically, women serving in the military.

Fox News was promptly trashed on Twitter:

Kamala Harris is likely the most scrutinized vice president in history, probably because she’s a woman and a person of color. Meanwhile, it was former President Donald Trump that incited the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection to overturn a legitimate and fair election, but sure; it’s Kamala that’s disrespecting our country. Yeah, go with that.

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