Fox News Commentator Implies It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Illegal For Trump To Use The WH For Campaigning Because “By The Time They Have An Investigation This Election’s Going To Be Over”

How wrong she is.

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Dana Perino, who served as George W. Bush’s Press Secretary before going on to a career in journalism and punditry, is a frequent contributor to Fox News and well known as someone with a tremendous ability to “spin” the news in a way that favors whatever viewpoint she holds.

That came in handy for her as the topic of the illegal nature of using federal property for political events, a law that Trump has not so much skirted as trampled all over during the 2020 election season. Americans were outraged at the idea of using the White House as a backdrop for the Trump campaign for reelection, since it implies that the property belongs to the Trumps, rather than to the American people — which is as wrong as it gets.

More importantly, however, it is illegal.


Dana, however, found a rather novel idea as to why she considered its illegality an essentially moot point: Nobody can do anything about it.

That is the People’s House. And I do understand why some people would be niggled about it. However, by the time they have an investigation, this election is going to be over, so it doesn’t matter. Like, the president wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the pandemic, Joe Biden wouldn’t be in Wilmington for his convention if it weren’t for the pandemic, so I think we have to set that aside.”

No, Dana. We’re not “setting that aside,” because there’s a huge difference between Joe Biden and the Democrats deciding not to hold an in-person convention — making it irrelevant where they Zoom-call in from — and Trump specifically deciding to use the one location he’s legally not supposed to use.

ONE of those things is because of the pandemic. The other is because Donald Trump doesn’t care about breaking the law, and he proves it every single day.

Watch the segment here:

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