Fox News Has The Audacity To Publicly Attack President Biden For Spending “Lush” Thanksgiving With Family, Conveniently Forgets Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Habits

I guess they're just leaving that part out???

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This morning, Fox News was unsurprisingly chock full of segments, publicly attacking President Joe Biden for daring to leave the White House to spend a “lush” (as they called it) Thanksgiving holiday with his family and friends. Frankly, their attacks aren’t all that surprising, and neither is the fact that they seemed to conveniently forget and/or ignore Donald Trump’s holiday habits involving his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort during his presidency.

One segment featured Fox host Sandra Smith reporting that President Biden had plans to meet a “billionaire friend” during his time away from the White House for the holiday.

“So is Scranton Joe looking out of touch with the working class?” Smith asked during the show. “A lot of critics say, yes, indeed.”

All the while, the Trump-loving Conservative network was displaying graphics that read, “Let Them Eat Cake” and “Critics slam Biden for Lush Thanksgiving Vacation.”

White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich chimed in with a similar sentiment, agreeing with Smith, “The critics are all over this one. He boarded Air Force One to stay at a friend’s [home] in Nantucket.”

She went on to note, for whatever reason, that President Biden would have access to a tennis court at his friend’s “compound” — a tidbit of information that we’re completely unable to find a shred of relevancy in.

“Critics say this luxurious stay shows that he’s out of touch with the problems that are facing working-class Americans,” the White House correspondent went on to add.

Heinrich goes on to note that Joe Biden “is not the first president to spend a holiday with a wealthy friend,” explaining that former Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush were also known to visit Nantucket for the Thanksgiving holiday.

However, the Fox reporters conveniently left out the very relevant fact that ex-President Donald Trump spent numerous Thanksgivings, as well as pretty much every other conceivable holiday, at his Mar-a-Lago resort while he was president. In fact, they didn’t even mention a word of him.

Funny how that works for these people, huh?

You can watch the clip here:

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