Fox News Host Cut Off Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Lewandowski After He Appeared To Be Drunk On The Show

'You sound a little slurry.'

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Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, better known as just “Kennedy” to the Fox News crowd, is no stranger to sometimes hostile, sometimes humorous, and sometimes just plain bizarre interviews with the guests she’s had on her various platforms. After all, she did get her start on MTV, back when they played music videos, and she had her share of rock bands swing through.

That may have been why she landed the job at Fox: The coveted 35–49 demographic would remember her ’92 to ’97 stint as the host of Alternative Nation, where she spoke to those same viewers in their youth about the music that was popular when they were young.

Unfortunately, the only advantage she seems to have brought the network is someone in that same demographic’s ability to spot a drunk person (we’re very good at it, I assure you).


That came in handy, however, when Kennedy had on Donald Trump’s former campaign manager — fired in favor of the now-imprisoned Paul Manafort — Corey Lewandowski to discuss the impeachment hearings and the whistleblower scandal.

On a scale of one to “wasted,” Corey was probably blowing about a “halfway through his fourth Coors Lite,” judging from Kennedy’s reaction to him on air. His words are still slightly intelligible, but he is definitely talking like he’s got a mouthful of bees:

…who hates this Presnet more they nlove their country!”

“Corey?” asks Kennedy. “Did you have a little merlot with dinner?” The smirking Lewandowski says, “No, should I have?”

“You sound a little slurry, you sound a little Biden-esque,” says Kennedy, helpfully reminding everyone that while this exchange may be humorous, you are still watching Fox News.

The host lets Lewandowski struggle through a few more moments on air before engaging her hurry-this-along mode, and after dismissing him with a very brief thank you, suggests after he’s off camera that he should maybe have a cup of coffee and sober up.

Watch the exchange here:

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