Fox News Host Seemingly Ends Segment After Attorney Destroys Trump’s “Obamagate” Conspiracy Theory As She Watched

And just like that, Trump's 'Obamagate' conspiracy has been thoroughly dismantled.

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President Donald Trump’s feeble attempt to invent a national scandal involving former President Barack Obama crashed and burned on Fox News after an attorney who represents members of the intelligence community asked a simple question.

Trump has been screaming “OBAMAGATE” every chance he gets on Twitter in an effort to somehow cast aspersions on Obama and the Department of Justice accusing them of persecuting disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

Flynn lied to the FBI twice, a felony he pleaded guilty to committing in federal court. Flynn also acted as an unregistered foreign agent. Even Trump himself fired Flynn for the lies.


But when reporters have asked him what crime Obama committed, Trump has refused to answer.

“You know what the crime is, the crime is very obvious to everybody,” he said during a press conference.

Trump and his supporters want everyone to believe that Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden were part of some big conspiracy to take Trump down during and after the 2016 Election.

But during a Fox News appearance, attorney Bradley P. Moss systematically tore apart Trump’s conspiracy theory using his own words against him.

“I’m sitting here trying to figure out what exact constitutional deprivation there was? What is the crime that people think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be prosecuted under?” Moss began.

“To be clear, and this is using the words of President Trump and his lawyers over the last three years, any sitting president can get any classified information they want,” he continued. “According to Donald Trump they can launch any investigation they want, they can tell the FBI only to pursue particular individuals, This is not me saying it, this is Donald Trump saying it for three years. This was their argument during the Mueller probe. This was their argument during the impeachment investigation, that the President has this kind of authority.”

Indeed — so if presidents have this authority as Trump claims, so did Obama.

“So what did we find out?” Moss asked. “That Barack Obama was aware about intelligence intercepts on the Russian Ambassador when he was talking with General Flynn? That there had just been an attack on our election a couple months earlier, that we were still dealing with the fallout of Russian election interference in 2016? There was concern about a counterintelligence problem with Michael Flynn and they had a discussion?”

“I’m shocked,” Moss sarcastically quipped. “I can’t believe they had that conversation.”

Again, Obama was president after the 2016 Election up until he left office in January 2017. He had every right to investigate Russian interference and that led to Flynn being interviewed by the FBI and being charged for lying to federal agents about his contacts with Russian officials.

But the next four words out of Moss’ mouth resulted in Fox host Shannon Bream abruptly ending the segment similar to the way Trump abruptly ended his press conference after being challenged by reporters.

“What is the crime?” Moss asked.

And that’s the whole point. There is no crime here no matter how hard Trump tries to make one up.

Here’s the video:

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