Fox News Is Not Airing Trump’s First Speech In Months, Went With A Pre-Taped Show Instead

Ouch. He's gonna HATE this!

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In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump’s old favorite Conservative news site doesn’t seem to be so obsessed or impressed with the disgraced former president these days. For years and years, we all loathed and despised Fox New Network with the passion of a thousand fiery white suns. And don’t doubt for a moment that we still absolutely do. I mean, they still fill every hour with dangerous and ridiculous talking points and I will never unblock the channel from my grandparents’ TV. But nevertheless, lately, it has seemed as though the network has pulled away from Donald J. Trump — maybe because of all the lawsuits over the Dominion thing. Who knows.

But I digress.

Fox pretty much solidified this theory for us tonight when Donald Trump made his first big debut since leaving the White House and the Conservative network didn’t even cover it.


Tonight, Trump is delivering a rowdy speech at the North Carolina GOP convention dinner, chock full of all his greatest hits; his first big, notable appearance since he left the presidency in a cloud of shame several months ago. But you wouldn’t know it if you were watching Fox News. According to CNN reporter Brian Stelter, Fox didn’t cover Trump’s big “coming out” tonight, instead going with a pre-taped “Watters World” segment.

Seriously… He got knocked out by a pre-recorded episode…

Of course, the Right’s favorite wine-o, Judge Jeanine Pirro is up now and we’re not certain if she’ll end up cutting to Trump’s big speech, or possibly playing clips of the highlights. But the fact remains that Fox didn’t air the damn thing from the beginning; which means if they weren’t already, they’ll definitely be on Donnie’s shitlist now.

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