Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Seemed To Imply That Something Bad Will Happen To Joe Biden Before November: “Something Is Going To Happen Before The Election And He’s Not Even Going To Be On The Ticket”

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In case you missed it (though, I’m sure you didn’t) Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden and United States Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris recently made their official debut as the 2020 Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees — ultimately accepting the nominations in some of the most powerful, heartfelt speeches we’ve ever witnessed last week.

Their debut speech, complete with proper social distancing measures amid the Trump pandemic, was the perfect dose of powerful, heartfelt, compassionate hope that this country needs as we face down what will hopefully be the last few months of Donald Trump’s reign of terror.

The debut was aired across pretty much every reputable news outlet in the country, Fox News included, just shortly before Trump’s daily coronavirus briefing was set to begin — while Donald himself no doubt rage-watched from the White House.


However, while most outlets aired the speech with the same hope in their hearts as we have, or at least without any biased one way or another, Fox News took a different approach to the Biden/Harris debut. And frankly, it was downright scary.

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Fox host Jesse Watters delivered commentary during the address and issued what certainly felt like thinly-veiled threats regarding the health and safety of Trump’s Democratic opponent.

In a back and forth between herself and Watters, Pirro had this to say:

Well, I have a lot of thoughts. The first thought that I have, Jesse, is, for some reason, I just have this feeling that Joe Biden isn’t going to be on the ticket. I have a sense that something’s gonna happen  before the election and he’s not even going to be on the ticket. So don’t even ask me if he’s going to make the four years.”

“Something is going to happen before the election and he’s not even going to be on the ticket” — Jeanine Pirro predicts something horrible will happen to Joe Biden in the next 2+ months

Maybe I’m taking it wrong (though I doubt that’s the case), but it sounded to me as though Jeanine is “predicting” that something terrible is going to happen to Joe Biden.

But to make matters worse, the pair didn’t stop there.

Later in the commentary, Watters seemed to double down on the idea of a terrible tragedy befalling Trump’s competition.

In a little added quip towards the end, Watters noted, “We certainly don’t hope that anything happens to Vice President Joe Biden.”

For one, that’s just a weird thing to say. For two, it seemed to be laced with sarcasm on the heels of Pirro’s off-hand “prediction.”

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Of course, we have no way of confirming just exactly what the Fox News pair meant by what was said.

But what I can say is this — we should be prepared for Donald Trump to do anything he can think of to stay in office.

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