Fox News Literally Had To Run A Disclaimer During Trump’s CPAC Dallas Speech

This is hilarious!

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Donald Trump and a good majority of the Republican party have been less than happy with Fox News lately, pretty much ever since the Conservative news network was one of the first to call the state of Arizona in now-President Biden’s favor during the 2020 presidential election. After that happened, the once-close relationship the ex-president had with the right-wing network just went rapidly downhill — and got even worse when Fox began refusing to peddle Trump’s election lies and conspiracy theories, probably because of the lawsuit threats from voting system companies.

Quite literally, Trump has publicly trashed them several times over the whole ordeal.

But it seems that those lawsuits are still scarier for the network than Donald Trump is — because despite the fact that the ultra-right network sponsored this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), it seems they still chose to literally run a disclaimer in the chyron of their live feed, making sure everyone knew that Trump’s 2020 election lies were just that, a big, fat lie.


According to a tweet from CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, Fox News ran a disclaimer in their chyron for about 40 seconds that read, “The voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by President Trump and his counsel regarding the 2020 election.”

It was in all caps:

It seems they certainly got the memo on the election claims, yet still somehow didn’t get the one about Trump not being the president anymore.

To say the least, social media got a kick out of it:

I gotta tell ya, Fox. I don’t know if that’s gonna cut it.

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