Fox News Responded To Trump’s Impeachment Hearing Attacks: “It Makes Him Look Like A Big Dumb Baby”

Even Fox News can't put up with his crap anymore!

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The relationship between Donald Trump and his once virtually state-run media outlet, Fox News, has been slowly falling apart for some time now. But Trump’s childish, immature, and threatening behavior during Marie Yovanovitch’s recent public testimony may have been the final nail in the coffin of the marriage between the president and his once-beloved Fox News Network.

As the now-ousted Ambassador to Ukraine delivered her heartfelt testimony, speaking on the abuse she’s been subjected to at the hands of Donald Trump and his administration, the “president” chose to take to his handy, dandy Twitter account and essentially prove the allegations Yovanovitch was making against him in real-time with a threatening, bullying tweet against the former Ambassador.

Throngs of Democrats were quick to point out the problems with Trump’s menacing tweet, and Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell wasted no time in adding the behavior to Trump’s articles of impeachment.

However, it looks as though our side of the fence wasn’t the only one to take issue with Donald’s schoolyard bully behaviors against the woman affectionately known as “Masha.”

Lisa Kennedy, host of Trump’s favorite news propaganda, Fox Business was sure to let the world and Donald Trump know precisely how she felt about Donald’s petulant and intimidating Twitter tantrum.

“Should the president be tweeting at [Yovanovitch] mid-hearing, no,” Kennedy commentated during her segment while covering the public impeachment hearing yesterday. “It makes him look like a big dumb baby.”

Why yes, Kennedy. Yes, it does make him look like a big dumb baby. But frankly, this is far from the first time that your “president” has behaved like a petulant toddler. I do hope you’re aware of that.

Of course, while it was a bit surprising to hear such a description from Donald’s own beloved news network, Fox was far from the only publication to point out not only the childishness of Trump’s behavior but the fact that it was downright, textbook witness intimidation, as well.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid covered Trump’s outburst during her segment, in which she described the tantrum as “thuggish” and “unprecedented.”

“Instead of helping himself by, I don’t know, staying quiet and doing the job of being president, Donald Trump just keeps digging himself in deeper,” Reid stated. “Trump offered a fresh, real-time threat via tweet during her testimony – a thuggish, unprecedented display by an American president.”

Even Fox News’ Brett Baier and Chris Wallace took their own swipes at Trump for his behavior. And when your own state-run media outlet is calling you out on your bullshit, Donald, you should know that the jig is about up.

I can only imagine he’ll be getting even worse as public impeachment hearings crank on.

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