Fox News’s Sean Hannity Faces Brutal Backlash After He Attacked President Biden’s Stutter: “This Is Sad And Pathetic; So The Usual Lineup”

What a trash-monster.

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In 2010, Joe Biden revealed his struggle with stuttering, and he hasn’t been secretive about that since. A CNN article in 2015 notes Biden’s problem with stuttering that he’s been challenged with since childhood. “I used to be a stutterer,” he said at the time. “I am very involved with the National Stuttering Association and speech therapy…”

These things are really easy to Google, but Fox News’ Sean Hannity isn’t capable of doing a Google search, apparently. And neither is Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz or Trump sycophant Don Bongino, who both nodded in agreement as Hannity claimed on his show that Biden didn’t reveal his struggle with stuttering before “2016 or 2012.”

“Clyburn was on with Cavuto yesterday and actually suggested, well, he may have an issue with stuttering,” Hannity said. “The only problem is he didn’t have it in 2016 or 2012. And when did this problem start to emerge?”



The backlash on Twitter was fierce.

Doesn’t Hannity have anything important to report on, like the conservative outrage over Mr. Potato Head, for example? Or Dr. Seuss’s estate ceasing publication on six books over offensive content? Those are the biggest issues now with conservatives, even though every single Republican voted against the COVID-19 stimulus bill to help struggling Americans. Sure, mock a man’s stutter instead, Sean. Hannity rode Trump’s dick for four long years while the former president divided this country, so from the bottom of our hearts, go fuck yourself, Sean.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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