Fox Sports Commentator Believes He Knows Why Tom Brady Mocked Trump And It’s Sure To Hurt The Ex-President’s Feelings

Oof. Trump's gonna hate this!

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Recently, we reported that NFL star Tom Brady appeared to openly mock former President Donald Trump during a White House celebration of his team’s big win with now President Joe Biden.

Now, as we’re all well aware, Brady used to enjoy what seemed like a very close, very friendly relationship with Trump. And while we’re certainly glad to see that he seems to be coming to his senses, no one really had an answer for Brady’s apparently sudden change of heart.

That is, until now.


Fox Sports commentator Skip Bayless recently offered up his theory as to why Brady openly mocked his old friend and golf partner during his visit to the Biden White House earlier this week.

Speaking with President Biden, Brady took a crack at Trump’s incessant election lies.

“It didn’t look great there at one point,” Brady said of the team’s struggles earlier in the season. “Not a lot of people think that we could have won. In fact, I think about 40% of the people still don’t think we won.”

Bayless thinks that this quip was Brady’s attempt to burn the bridge between himself and the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president.

“I believe Tom Brady has been irritated to the point of being troubled, even haunted by the fact that he was associated with Donald Trump once he won office,” Bayless said on a recent segment of Undisputed. 

“Do I think he had fun playing golf with Donald Trump? I do,” the Fox Sports commentator continued.

Bayless said Brady “lived to regret it because then he was associated with Donald Trump politically and Donald Trump became a figure politically that Tom Brady wanted zero to do with.”

“So I believe he took this opportunity in the Biden White House, to take a shot that I think will burn whatever bridge was left with Donald Trump,” the Fox sportscaster added. “I don’t think Mr. Trump will like that.”

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