Geraldo Rivera Tells Fox News That The Coronavirus Vaccine Should Be Named After Trump So “We Could Honor Him In That Way”


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We’re not sure what’s going on with Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera since he seems to be all over the map. On Thursday, Rivera blasted Fox News host Jesse Watters, saying he was “giving false hope to people” by supporting unhinged election conspiracies being peddled by the Trump campaign to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, the Daily Beast reported. So, it seems that Rivera isn’t buying into the fact-free allegations of widespread voter fraud. And on Friday, during an appearance on Fox & Friends, he then went on to suggest that a COVID-19 vaccine should be named after Trump and said that the president was “the prime architect of this Operation Warp Speed.”

“It would be a nice gesture to him, and years from now, it would become kind of a generic name,” Rivera said. “Have you got your trump yet? I got my trump. I’m fine. I wished we could honor him in that way.”



Geraldo may be trying to coddle the president by offering a way out without sustaining too much of a narcissistic injury. Who knows. But, under Trump’s watch, over two hundred and fifty thousand Americans have died from the coronavirus while the president continued to hold super-spreader rallies. Trump has also mocked protective face masks and social distancing amid the raging pandemic. The president failed to spring into action when he first learned that the virus was a looming threat. It would be more appropriate to name the virus after Donald J. Trump than to reward him with any honor.

Americans are suffering in isolation while this president has not addressed the nation on the coronavirus in ages. Trump, who called himself a wartime president over the pandemic, surrendered to the disease without putting up a fight. So, what Geraldo is saying is batshit crazy, but it is peak 2020. We shouldn’t have to bribe an impeached president that lost the election so that he will leave the White House.

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