Giuliani Attacks Democratic Congresswoman With Picture Taken 3 Years Before She Was Born

Come on, Rudy.

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Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, used to be a person who could command a little respect. Everyone who was of news-watching age on 9/11 remembers that Rudy was suddenly thrust into the spotlight, as the executive of NYC, framed anew as “America’s Mayor.” Photos of him at Ground Zero graced the cover of every newspaper and magazine, and he became essentially royalty inside the Republican party.

But since the rise of Donald Trump, we’ve seen Rudy expose himself as the power-hungry toady he’s always been — never actually a leader of any kind, but rather someone who needs to take orders from an authoritarian, like so many of Trump’s voters.

More than that, however, Rudy has made it plain that he’s, well, kind of a crazy person. His near-constant appearances on the cable news networks in the span leading up to the impeachment trial, in which he appeared to be inebriated most of the time; his indefatigable pursuit of nonexistent evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden in Ukraine; and his tweets.


Lord, the tweets.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Rudy retweeted a widely-debunked photo that had been tweeted by an apparent Trump supporter — or at least someone who hates Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, as most of the right wing does — along with the caption “Can we get rest of this picture?”

The problem is, that fake photo has been around for ages. Actually, it’s a bit of a misnomer to call it fake — it’s a real Associated Press photo. It’s even from the city that Omar was born in, Mogadishu, Somalia. It just happens to have been taken in 1978, three years before her birth.

Giuliani, Trump, and the entire GOP have attacked Rep. Omar relentlessly, with the president at one point falsely claiming that she once spoke about “how wonderful al-Qaeda is.” That claim was laughably untrue, but at least Trump was basing it on nothing. Giuliani’s racist retweet of a photo that’s been debunked for nearly a year now is just plain stupid.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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