Giuliani Tells Crowd Of Trump Supporters, “People Don’t Die Of This Disease Anymore”

He is broken.

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With over two hundred and fifteen thousand deaths in the United States from COVID-19, Rudy Giuliani told a packed room full of Trump supporters in Northeast Philadelphia that, “People don’t die of this disease anymore,” adding that Democrats were overblowing the coronavirus because they wanted to frighten people, the Inquirer reports. That’s straight-up Trumpian rhetoric after the president recently suggested that Americans should not let the disease dominate their lives — even though Trump himself was recently diagnosed with the coronavirus and appeared to be having difficulty breathing after leaving Walter Reed hospital.

The former New York City mayor also said that the Democratic Party is being “controlled” by Black Lives Matter and went on to describe the president’s outstanding handling of the “Chinese Communist virus.”



Giuliani’s rhetoric is insulting to those who have lost a loved one to the disease that this president failed to act promptly upon when he first learned that it was a looming threat.

According to the Pennsylvania Health Department’s coronavirus dashboard, there have been two hundred reported deaths in the state since Oct. 1st. Now, we realize that the president and his lackeys try to spin conspiracy theories to make Trump look good, especially while he’s flailing in the polls behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden. But, mocking a deadly disease is dangerous. Of course, Trump supporters nodded their heads in agreement with Giuliani, suggesting that they, too, do not believe that American lives are at risk.

And while the room full of Trump supporters appeared to be wearing protective face masks, Giuliani failed to do so. Leading by example is too much to ask from team Trump while Americans are dying. Trump and his sycophantic supporters seem to be of the notion that the entire world is conspiring against their president — even to the point of dying or getting sick from the disease. Sure, sounds legit!

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