GOP Senator Shouted Conservative Code Words For “F*ck Joe Biden” On The House Floor And Americans Can’t Hide Their Disgust

These people really think this crap is funny.

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If Conservatives think anything of themselves, it’s this idea that they’re quick, sneaky, sharp, and witty — yet everyone with half the common sense God gave a goose knows they’re nothing more than sheeple without a single original idea to split between the whole lot of them.

As I’m sure you’ve caught wind of by now, the Conservative crowd has recently concocted a euphemism they use for “Fuck Joe Biden” — “Let’s go, Brandon.”

The “Let’s go, Brandon” phrase was coined after Brandon Brown won a NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Talladega, Alabama. During Brown’s interview following his victory, the crowd behind him began to chant, “Let’s go, Brandon!” Even the interviewer confirmed that’s what the crowd was cheering. However, some people were convinced they heard the crowd cheering, “Fuck Joe Biden!”


Since this incident, “Let’s go, Brandon!” has become a Conservative euphamism for “Fuck Joe Biden” and they’re using it pretty much relentlessly.

Even Texas Senator Ted Cruz was filmed using the code words recently.

But now, it seems the MAGA-loving GOP crowd is taking their “wit” a step further.

Recently, Republican Rep. Bill Posey busted out the code words on the House floor:

To say the very least, Americans were beyond appalled at the lack of class, respect, and basic human decency:

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You’re not slick or witty here, buddy. You’re just classless and disrespectful. Congratulations.

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