Government Regulators Have Reportedly Poked Holes In Ivanka Trump’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Why am I not even surprised?

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As I’m sure you recall, Donald Trump’s favorite First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, spent her father’s entire presidential term propping herself with claims that she was one of the world’s biggest proponents of women’s empowerment — completely ignoring the fact that her father is quite literally a rapist, I suppose.

However, after those four long years of less-than-humble brags about all the swell things she’s done and is doing for women all around the globe, it seems that all of it was, well, a load of bull, in true Trump family fashion.

A Government Accountability Office has recently released a report that pokes all kinds of holes in the former First Daughter’s women’s empowerment initiative, revealing that not only did they not adequately keep track of funds, they could not even determine what businesses were actually owned by women.


The bombshell report reads:

USAID has not developed a process to support compliance with statutory requirements to target MSME resources to activities that reach the very poor and to small and medium-sized enterprise resources to activities that reach enterprises owned, managed, and controlled by women. We identified three key gaps that impair USAID’s ability to develop such a process. First, USAID has not identified the total funding subject to the targeting requirements. Second, although USAID has programs designed to help the very poor, it is unable to determine the amount of funding that reaches this group. Third, although USAID has MSME activities that benefit women, it has not defined enterprises owned, managed, and controlled by women and does not collect data by enterprise size.”

Of course, this is a pretty serious issue, considering Ivanka spent four full years working in the White House, claiming that she was personally tracking the funding and spending of the initiative to ensure that all money was being used properly and efficiently.

According to these new findings, she absolutely was not.

The report shows that Ivanka Trump has no idea how much of the money was actually going to poor women, nor whether or not the businesses receiving funding were owned by minorities.

This bombshell revelation makes something clear that we’ve honestly always known — much like her father’s presidency, Ivanka’s women’s empowerment pet project was nothing more than a PR sham. And with Biden in office now, I have absolutely no doubt that we’ll soon see even more regarding just how deep the Trump corruption has gone.

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