Governor Hits Back At Trump During Conference Call: “I Have Been Extraordinarily Concerned With The Rhetoric Coming Out Of The WH Making It Worse”

The president is unwell.

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Donald Trump had a conference call with the nation’s governors on Monday that was described as “unhinged” as he demanded toughness and dominance over the protests that have erupted across the country following George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police officers. The man demanding the governors “dominate” hid in a bunker last night and turned off the lights around the White House so that he could have a safe place from Americans.

Trump has heaped a hot mess on this country on every single level, and now the country is literally on fire. The “I take no responsibility” president tore into the state leaders on Monday, even though his incendiary tweets with calls for violence only made matters worse.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker called Trump out on that during the conference call.


“I have been extraordinarily concerned with the rhetoric coming out of the White House, making it worse,” Pritzker told Trump, according to CNN’s Jim Acosta. “People are feeling real pain out there. We have to have national leadership in calling for calm.”

Trump being Trump, replied in the usual fashion. Meaning, it was juvenile and also displayed how this president is the least self-aware person on earth.

“I don’t like your rhetoric either,” Trump shot back.

We do not have a president to lead us through the national crisis. Instead, we have a rage-machine that makes the situation worse. Trump thinks his job is to tweet while the country burns. Then he takes a few minutes off for a conference call to yell at our nation’s governors. And all of this after he turned out the lights surrounding the White House to let us know we’re on our own.

Trump’s “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you” response is not going to heal this country. Yelling at Antifa is not going to heal this country.

November 3rd will heal this country from the raging narcissist who is squatting in the White House. We can turn the lights back on then.

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