Grocery Store Chain Trolls Republican Lawyer After He Used Their Reusable Bag As A Briefcase During Impeachment Hearing

Trolled by a grocery store.

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The House GOP’s counsel Steve Castor did a lot of weird shit today.

There were a plethora of peculiar faces, hand gestures, expressions of pure confusion, and unhinged, barely coherent rants from the dude that’s representing the Republican side of the field.

Castor’s body language alone was enough to convince us all that the GOPers really just don’t have a whole lot going for them anymore.

But the one behavior from the GOP attorney that garnered the most attention and reactions of “What in the actual fuck?!” today was none other than Castor’s choice of carrying cases for his files and paperwork when he arrived at the hearing this morning.

In case you somehow missed it, the guy who the Republicans are hinging their defense on these days, walked into the hearing room carrying a reusable grocery bag full of his belongings and documents for the proceedings.

Yes. A grocery bag.

As you’d expect, Twitter users had an absolute field day with the attorney’s unorthodox choice for a “briefcase”:

Even George Conway weighed in on “Grocery Bag Gate 2019”:

But this already hilarious situation just got that much better when the grocery store behind the bag did themselves a little trolling.

After some users confused the bag as one from Whole Foods, The Fresh Market chimed in on Twitter an announced themselves as “the official briefcase maker of Steve Castor.”

“We’d like to announce that we are the official briefcase maker of Steve Castor. You can fill your briefcase up with files or yummy food (our preference),” the grocery chain posted in a tweet.

They also announced that they’d be running a promo for any folks that would like their very own “briefcase,” writing, “Mention hashtag #TFMBriefcase over the next 24 hours in-store to get your own briefcase for free (aka reusable bag!)”

This is what the Republicans have come to, folks. Their president is on the fast track to impeachment and his counsel showed up to his hearing with a damn grocery bag full of shit.

Good luck out there, GOPers. You’re gonna need it.

Featured image via screen capture

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