Hillary Clinton Dished Up A Chilling “I Told You So” And Social Media Is Here For It

She tried to warn us.

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Over the years, Americans have noticed that Donald Trump typically has “a tweet for everything” and it’s become a bit of a running joke every time the guy blows his stack — which, let’s face it, is often.

But, as it turns out, his former Democratic opponent, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a “whole speech for everything” she used to warn Americans about the disasters and hardships a Trump presidency would bring, and now she’s pulling it back out now, as we continue to battle this pandemic, as what social media feels was a chilling “I told you so.”

Clinton, who won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College to Donald Trump back in 2016, took to her Twitter account with a reminder of what she said in one of her speeches in Ohio, just five months before Trump would go on to “win” the election, writing, “In my case, there’s a whole speech for everything.”


In the speech, Clinton encouraged Americans to imagine what it would be like the next time this country faced a crisis, with Donald Trump at the wheel. And now here we are, with the state of things every bit as disastrous as she predicted.

Social media users were quick to catch on to Hillary’s “I told you so” vibe in her post, and they were here for it:

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She knew what was going to happen. She tried so hard to warn us. But tell me again about her emails.

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