Hunter Biden Has Had It, Snaps At Reporter Over Ridiculous Laptop Question: “There’s Always A Smart*ss In The Bunch”

He's over it.

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Look, Hunter Biden is the first to admit that Hunter Biden has made some mistakes in his life. But it seems like the president’s son is absolutely fed up with his entire life being judged under the microscope, especially when almost all of the questions surrounding him are born of batshit crazy Conservative conspiracy theories.

If the Right-wing nutcases are properly obsessed with anything, it’s that damn laptop of Hunter Biden’s. Batshit crazy Conservatives have claimed everything from child pornography to states secrets and all you can imagine or dream up in between has been “found” on the First Son’s laptop — yet none of their claims have been even remotely confirmed.

In fact, we have yet to really determine if the laptop even does belong to Hunter, or if it’s just a device that’s connected to him.


The president’s son has only very briefly addressed the whole laptop ordeal, likely because he sees no sense in adding fuel to the already out of control conspiracy theories and rumors. However, it does seem as though Hunter is damn tired of people bringing it up.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, President Biden’s son put a reporter in their place during a recent family outing, after being harassed with a ridiculous question regarding the infamous laptop.

The First Son was caught up outside a Manhattan art gallery where his paintings were on displays, with his wife Melissa and young son Beau, when a reporter asked Hunter if the infamous laptop was ever returned to his after the FBI reportedly seized it from a Deleware repair shop back in 2019.

Grinning, Biden responded, “there’s always a smartass in the bunch.”

Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen, quipped to the reporter that the laptop “doesn’t exist.”

You can read the full report and check out the photos from the Daily Mail here.

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