Image Shows Protesters Flipping Trump Off As Marine One Flies Over DC

Protesters did not have to say anything to show how they feel about Trump.

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Protests against police brutality and racial injustice have exploded across the country, but protesters took a time-out over the weekend to greet President Donald Trump with a bunch of one-finger salutes as he returned to Washington DC on Marine One.

Trump had flown to Florida to watch the SpaceX launch of Americans into space so he can have more propaganda to use in campaign ads, all while police officers ramp up violence against black people and journalists.

Of course, Trump doesn’t care. After all, he’s been inciting violence for several days now, including by threatening to order the National Guard to shoot and kill protesters. He even mused about the Secret Service maiming or killing protesters outside the White House using “vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons.”


On Trump’s way back to the White House from Florida, Marine One flew over the protesters, who promptly showed Trump how they feel about him by raising their middle fingers in the air.

Whether Trump saw the gesture made towards him is unclear, but law enforcement and the DC National Guard were not kind to peaceful protesters afterward. They fired a lot of tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds and used batons and riot shields as the violence escalated throughout the evening.

Trump undoubtedly enjoyed the carnage, which is yet another reason why he should not be president. This country is on the verge of a complete societal breakdown and all Trump cares about is hurting people and using it to his political benefit. This is not how a president should act. And that’s exactly why people are flipping him off. Let’s just hope people flock to the polls in November with the same anger.

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Featured image via screen capture

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