Independent Autopsy Conducted By Family Shows George Floyd Died “By Asphyxia Due To Neck & Back Compression,” Says Physical Acts By Other Officers Also Caused His Death

We KNEW this was coming.

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In a way, we all expected the result of George Floyd’s autopsy conducted by the county medical examiner to come back full of excuses for why that police officer didn’t actually murder an innocent black man in the streets on Minneapolis as he called out for his mother and pleaded for his life — no matter what we’ve seen with our own eyes.

In a way, we knew from the very get-go that the truth, the whole truth, wasn’t going to be told. Because that’s just the America we live in.

And as it turns out, we were unfortunately so very, very right.


The autopsy conducted by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office skirted the fact that a grown man pressed his knee into the back of Floyd’s neck for nearly ten minutes, and instead focused on all the preexisting conditions that Floyd had which could have made it easier for the knee on his neck to kill him.

According to their report, preliminary results, “revealed no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.”

“The combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death,” the country’s report reads.

Thankfully, George Floyd’s family wasn’t letting his story end at the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Floyd’s family hired Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Allecia Wilson to conduct a private autopsy after the County medical examiner was finished. And lo and behold, the private autopsy produced some seriously contradicting results.

As we all know, as we’ve all seen, George Floyd was murdered. And the private autopsy confirmed such.

Attorney Ben Crump and co-counsel Antonio Romanucci, representatives of the Floyd family, announced today that the private autopsy ruled Floyd’s death as a homicide, contrary to the word salad that was thrown together by the county’s medical examiner’s office.

According to the new autopsy report, Floyd died “by asphyxia due to neck & back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain” and that the “physical acts by the other officers also caused Floyd’s death” — a blatant homicide. Cut and dry.

The attorneys for the family said that the medical examiner’s office did not address the “effect of the purposeful use of force on Mr. Floyd’s neck.”

“We are not surprised, yet we are tragically disappointed in the preliminary autopsy findings released today by the medical examiner,” Crump stated amid the original autopsy’s findings. “We hope that this does not reflect efforts to create a false narrative for the reason George Floyd died. Attempts to avoid the hard truth will not stand and on behalf of the family, we are fiercely committed to bringing the truth to light.”

Now that the private autopsy has been conducted, Floyd’s family is now calling for the remaining officers to be arrested based upon the findings.

You can read a full report here.

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