Inside Source Warned That If Trump Gets Embarrassed And Backed Into A Corner, He Would “Kill Us All Without A Care”

Judging by what's happening across the country, it looks like the source was right.

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How far is President Donald Trump willing to go in the desperate effort to protect himself and his power? A former Apprentice insider knows, and it’s scary as hell.

Trump has already repeatedly demonstrated that he is willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans in pursuit of his agenda. To keep his hold over red states, Trump has been seizing critical medical shipments to blue states while freely handing supplies to red states such as Florida and Arizona. He even refused a request for supplies from the Democratic governor of Colorado, only to approve a request from the state’s vulnerable Republican senator instead.

Over 130,000 Americans have now died because of the coronavirus, many of them in blue states that Trump lost in 2016. But the number of cases and deaths have shot up in red states because of his demand that the country re-open too early.


And now Trump is threatening to use military force against American citizens across the nation to put down mass protests against racial injustice and police brutality, even going so far as as inquire about using tanks and having peaceful protesters teargassed so he could stage a photo-op at a church.

Reporters and voters are demanding answers, and the pressure is clearly getting to Trump, especially since he is losing to Joe Biden in the battleground states. The more desperate Trump gets, the more he lashes out and seeks vengeance upon those who don’t bend the knee.

It’s already feared that Trump will refuse to leave the White House if the election in November does not go his way. Faced with such a humiliating defeat, could Trump literally hold the nation hostage?

Noel Casler certainly believes so.

Let’s not forget that Trump has the nuclear codes. He has also suggested that his supporters would rise up in open and bloody revolt if he doesn’t win. One could easily see him rejecting the election results as “fraud” and unleashing his gun-toting followers upon the country, which he has already kinda done. His poll numbers are sinking and even Republicans are starting to panic.

And it would not take much for him to declare martial law and attempt to cancel the election.

Trump knows that losing this election would almost certainly guarantee that he will be prosecuted for the crimes he committed while in office. Trump is all about self-preservation. How far would he go to stay in power? Just look at past dictators like Hitler and Stalin and you’ll see the ruin both tyrants brought upon their nations. Trump’s “plan B” is winning at any cost. That means American lives are expendable to him. Frighteningly, his “plan B” appears to already be in motion.

Featured image via White House Photo/Wikimedia Commons

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