Inside Source Warned That If Trump Gets Humiliated And Backed Into A Corner, He Would “Kill Us All Without A Care”

I don't doubt it for a second, he doesn't care about anyone, even his followers.

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Donald Trump is currently under a lot of pressure and people, myself included, often wonder what lengths he will go to once he sees the writing on the wall. We have had inside sources claim all sorts of things but none quite as blunt and to the point as former Apprentice insider, Noel Casler, who has offered his insight from his days of being so close to Donald in a more natural setting on the show.

Trump has already had 218,000 American’s die under his watch from a deadly pandemic and he still will not think about changing his strategy of downplaying the virus and the experts on it. He stands up there holding daily superspreader event rallies and says we are fine when we just topped 60,000 cases in a day again for the first time since August. Despite the warnings of millions of deaths, his administration keeps bringing up the herd immunity strategy that shows they have no value for the human lives they could save if they did things the right way.

Donald Trump is fighting a losing battle in the election and needs to use every dirty trick he can to edge closer to Biden. Trump has been about his strategy of bringing a close election under scrutiny and having the Supreme Court rule on made-up issues like his constant rants on unsolicited ballots — and Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is progressing now as I write this. Another strategy he uses has shown more than just a blatant disregard for life, it shows overt disdain for certain humans in particular, namely his opponents.


Just recently there was a plot thwarted by the FBI when a right-wing militia planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam as another planned target. These targets, both Democrats, were probably being targeted due to direct influence from our own President, earlier in the year he tweeted:


So it can’t be a total surprise when groups go out and attempt to do just that. All of this is evidence that, if backed into a corner, Donald Trump will stop at nothing to avoid losing, or to avoid seeming like a loser. Formerly on the Apprentice with Donald Trump, Noel Casler gives us a pretty clear cut reminder of who Trump is:


Trump possesses the nuclear launch codes and he’s on the path to losing this election badly. I’d say it’s safe to say we shouldn’t put anything past him, even this. Because Donald Trump only cares about himself, and other lives seem to be completely expendable to him.

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Chris Gifford