Internet Responds To Trump After He Attacks Bloomberg And Accuses Him Off Payoffs: “Maybe Ask Stormy Daniels?”

Someone is feeling the heat!

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Spoiler Alert: Donald Trump is far more anxious and scared about the impending presidential election this fall than he’s willing to admit to the masses.

However, while he never has quite blurted out that he’s shaking in his high-heeled shoes, Donald betrays his anxieties on the regular when it comes to that makeshift diary of a Twitter account of his.

Frankly, Trump has never been able to keep his feelings hidden when it comes to his social media account. He makes a pretty regular habit out of getting himself flustered to pieces and airing his grievances like dirty laundry all over Twitter for the entire World Wide Web to witness.


Generally, he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who he’s willing to attack like a schoolyard bully (Be Best, right?) on the internet. However, as the election looms heavier and heavier over his head, it’s certainly not surprising that a trend in his attack habits has arisen in the form of his presidential opposition.

Honestly, he doesn’t really leave anyone one out in the large scheme of things. He’s launched hateful, baseless attacks against everyone from Elizabeth Warren, to Mayor Pete, to Bernie Sanders, and everyone in between.

But oftentimes a quick glance at his Twitter account will show you who he’s most worried about at the time. And right now, it seems most of Trump’s anxieties are stemming from his billionaire rival, Mike Bloomberg.

Now, Donald likes to get pretty accusatory when it comes to his attacks. However, it’s honestly hard for him to find a single thing he can attack someone else for that he’s not, quite literally done himself. And that’s precisely what happened today:

But folks, people were not here for his hypocrisy:

You should always check your own closets first, Donald. And honestly, his is so full to that there’s literally pretty much nothing he can use against anyone else at this point. So, might I suggest just shutting up?

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