It’s Sasha Obama’s Birthday And Trump Supporters Can’t Help But Be Rude

Good grief.

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We’ve all watched Sasha Obama grow up, and it’s hard to believe that she’s 20-years-old today and a student at the University of Michigan. Former President Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama shared throwback photos of Sasha, wishing their daughter a happy birthday. Sasha and her sister Malia were good role models while living in the White House. There were no scandals, and they kept out of the spotlight as much as possible. However, Trump supporters have always hated the entire Obama family, and their reactions to Sasha’s birthday leaves a lot to be desired.

Former President Barack Obama tweeted out his birthday greeting to his daughter, and hatred from Trump supporters poured in.


The same thing happened when former First Lady Michelle Obama wished Sasha a happy birthday. I have no idea what this guy is talking about:

Others weighed in.

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These are just awful people, but karma is a thing, and now Obama’s former vice president is their president. Trump supporters are jealous that Obama had such high approval ratings, and now, so does Joe Biden. Trump was the least popular president in the history of polling. Trump brought out the worst in people, signaling to his base that it’s OK to be terrible human beings. That’s why they don’t like the so-called cancel culture. It’s not OK to be racist shitheads anymore.

Featured image via White House/Flickr

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563 points