Ivanka Brags About Feeding The Hungry Even Though Her Dad’s Administration Reportedly Tried To Kick 700,000 Off Food Stamps

She's beyond tone-deaf.

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The Trump administration as a whole has made our collective lives a complete and utter living hell over the course of the last four years. And considering that a good portion of his administration is filled with his kids, our lives have certainly, by default, been negatively affected by them, as well.

Yet, being the tone-deaf, one percent evil human beings that they are, the whole of the Trump family has a bad habit of continuing to not only act as though, but really and truly believe that they’ve done the people of this country some sort of favor pretty much just by existing — wholly and completely ignoring that turmoil and torture they have actually subjected us to throughout this presidential term.

There is perhaps no greater example of exactly what I’m talking about here than Princess Nepotism herself, Ivanka Trump.


Of all the Trump spawns, it is my opinion that the eldest Donald daughter is the absolute worst. Because she does things like this.

Recently, Ivanka took to her Twitter account to brag about feeding the hungry through her father’s administration:

However, food bank lines in this nation have never been longer and it was her father’s administration that shamelessly tried to rip away SNAP (food stamp) benefits away from upwards of 700,000 American people.

To say the very least, people weren’t impressed with Ivanka’s self-promotion:

You can shove the pat on your own back, Princess. Perhaps worry about who’s going to smuggle your caviar into prison.

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