Ivanka Goes On Social Media To Congratulate Her Father On COVID-19 Vaccine And Gets Absolutely Destroyed

Of course, they would try to take credit for this.

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The entire Trump family has worn out their welcome in most of our minds and especially so when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we brace ourselves for the massive influx of infections we face during the winter that was predicted ages ago, the Trump administration waits idly by doing nothing. To be more precise, they are doing nothing and still taking credit whenever progress is made. So, it is no surprise that people were absolutely livid on Twitter when they saw Ivanka praising her Daddy for the latest breakthrough.

Moderna announced that its vaccine was 94.5 percent effective and could be stored for up to thirty days at normal refrigeration temperatures, making this the second well-tested, promising vaccine for coronavirus. This is all excellent news, but in a blink of an eye it was soured when Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka took to social media: 

The Moderna/ NIH vaccine is the 2nd candidate in a week to show strong efficacy in Phase 3 trials!” she tweeted. “Congratulations Moderna, @realDonaldTrump, the #OperationWarpSpeed team and all that made this historic breakthrough possible — it will help bring an end to this terrible pandemic!”

Minutes later she tweeted again, self-congratulating her father and the work “he” had done. Not long after that she, yet again, defended her father’s involvement with the vaccine and you quickly get the gut feeling that these congratulatory tweets were just done for self-promotion.


What a vaccine means to actual people living in fear of this virus, what it could have meant to those we have already lost to it, doesn’t seem to mean a thing to them, which is why people levied a healthy amount of criticism back at her on Twitter: 

The Trumps are not politicians, they are grifters and opportunists that see this as nothing more than a way to paint themselves in a better light, but the damage has been done and the people see right through them.

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Chris Gifford