Ivanka Had A Speech In Tokyo On Women’s Empowerment And Very Few People Showed Up

When Trump fatigue affects the LEAST offensive member of the family, it's real.

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It looks like the Trump Effect is spreading. The Trump Effect, of course, is a weariness of the bullshit being spewed by any given Trump at any given time, resulting in either people leaving a place where a Trump is, or not showing up there to begin with.

Of course, the videos all over social media this morning showing attendees of Trump’s Louisiana rally last night streaming out in the middle of the event are only the most recent. In what appeared to be a high school gymnasium — it wasn’t one, but the Monroe Civic Center has a much smaller capacity than most of his rallies are held in — seats emptied and the rows filled with people making their way to the exits about halfway through:


But that happens at more and more rallies lately, and even the once-mighty fundraising Trump seems to have a problem attracting big names to his shindigs.

I have a theory: It’s because people know they’re being lied to. And I can support the theory with an example that had already taken place two years ago: Ivanka’s speech in Tokyo.

It was set to center on women’s empowerment. But come on, can you remember an American administration more hostile to women than her dad’s in the history of, well, ever? And it’s not just the connection to her dad and “guilt by association,” but rather the fact that she publicly supports his policies and literally out of the other side of her mouth spouts platitudes to women across the globe about what they’re capable of, their inherent worth, their right to equality, and just generally a message that’s completely lost on a crowd that knows she never criticizes the most powerful man in the world, despite being in a unique position to do so.

It’s not that no one showed up. It’s that the people who did show up just haven’t succumbed to the Trump Effect yet.

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