Ivanka Responds To Being Deposed By DC Attorney General, Ends Up Making It Worse

That was a bad idea.

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We reported today that Ivanka Trump may need that preemptive pardon from her dad after all, after she was officially deposed by investigators from the Washington, D.C., attorney general’s office in connection to the AG’s lawsuit alleging misuse of inaugural funds by the Trump Organization and Presidential Inaugural Committee. Ivanka was merely one name on a long list of people that have been or are set to be deposed by the Attorney General’s office who allege in their lawsuit that the above entities misused over $1 million in donated funds by “grossly overpaying” to use event space at Trump’s own Washington hotel for the 2017 inauguration.

Records from chairman of the inaugural committee Tom Barrack, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, and former inaugural committee deputy chairman Rick Gates have all been subpoenaed by the Attorney General’s office, according to the court filing.

Ivanka joins Barrack among those who have been deposed and Melania’s former friend and former event planner for the committee, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is set to be deposed next week.


However, the soon-to-be-ex First Daughter seems to be the only one that’s actively making the situation far worse for herself.

As the news broke of Ivanka’s deposition, it seems she channeled her father’s social media habits and took to Twitter with what appeared to be an attempt to clear the air. However, much like her father, she seemed to only make things worse for herself.

In the tweet, she attached a screenshot of an email, in which she allegedly told the individual on the other end to see a “fair market rate” for the charges pertaining to her father’s hotel — something she claims they did.

But, as Vox reporter Aaron Rupar points out, ” self-dealing is bad even if you charge a ‘fair market rate.'”

It doesn’t particularly matter what the cost was at the end of the day when you’re ultimately just handing yourself deals and paychecks.

That didn’t help, Vanky. It didn’t help at all.

Featured image via Senior Airman Kyle Brooks

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