Ivanka Trump Caught On Video Partying It Up As COVID-19 Continues To Wreak Havoc Around The World

Are these people ever going to take this thing seriously?!

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Now that it’s been confirmed that attendees at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference are, in fact, infected with the potentially deadly novel COVID-19 virus — serving as Vice President Mike Pence’s third exposure and effectively putting Donald Trump himself, as well as many other key Republican figures, at risk of contracting the illness — you would think these people would start getting serious about the matter at hand.

Don’t get me wrong, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump and his administration don’t give a single hoot about what happens to your average, everyday human being outside of whether they vote for him. But you would think that when it comes to himself and the people that help ensure his cruelest and most unusual schemes can be pulled off without a hitch, the Trump crew would show a little bit more concern.

However, if we’re basing our assumptions off of Ivanka Trump’s recent behavior, it’s pretty safe to assume that the Trump clan knows their money, clout, and power in this country prevents them from having to worry like us common folk out here in the rest of the world — as the eldest Trump daughter spent the weekend partying it up in Florida.

In video footage now making its way around social media, Ivanka can be seen living it up at Kimberly Guilfoyle’s birthday party.

The video captured Ivanka’s toast to her older brother, Donald Trump Jr.’s, most recent mistress — showing not a care in the world about the fatal virus that’s spreading around the globe and across the United States like wildfire.

Frankly, literally no one on social media was impressed:

It must be nice to be so wildly privileged that you can party it up without a care in the world while the entire globe pretty much burns to the ground.

Featured image via screen capture 

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