Ivanka Trump On “Prepetual Shutdowns: “We Have To Know How To Live With” COVID-19

Oh, dear God.

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Donald Trump has mishandled the coronavirus pandemic from the start, and the president continues on that road today as he holds super-spreader rallies to largely maskless crowds. Over two hundred and twenty thousand Americans have died from COVID-19, while over eight million have been infected with the disease in this country. And if we had all sheltered at home and wore protective face masks from the beginning, then we could have helped to flatten the coronavirus curve. But instead, we have an anti-masker president who unleashed the Karens, and now, it doesn’t feel like we’ll see an end to the pandemic.

And until we get a president that knows how to lead this country through the national crisis, we’ll have to put up with the likes of Ivanka Trump throwing out dangerous advice just as she did in Michigan on Monday.

Ivanka Trump spoke out against what she described as “perpetual shutdowns” to slow down the spread of COVID-19. According to The Detroit News, Ivanka Trump made a surprise stop at Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery in Grand Rapids before speaking to a crowd of about 100 people at Wildwood Family Farms in Alto.


Ivanka took questions during the event from Mercedes Schlapp, another adviser to Donald Trump. Schlapp said, “We won’t mention any names,” but there are certain governors who believe in a “continuous lockdown of the economy and the schools.” Schlapp was presumably referring to Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a favorite punching bag of the president.

“Shutdowns, perpetual shutdowns, that’s not a strategy,” the president’s daughter said. “There’s no strategy behind shutting it down.”

“We have to know how to live with this,” Ivanka added later. “We have to do so safely. We have to be responsible. We have to love our neighbors and protect one another, particularly the most vulnerable amongst us.”

Michigan reported over ten thousand new cases last week, the state’s largest weekly total yet, amid fears of a second wave, and the Trump administration is busy hassling the governor just weeks after the FBI foiled a plot by right-wingers to kidnap and possibly assassinate her. Also, Whitmer’s approval ratings are higher than the president’s, so one of the two appears to be doing a better job for the people they represent.

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