Ivanka Trump Puts Her Father On Speakerphone At Charity Event To Give Away Food, Where He Goes On Unhinged Rant About Election Conspiracies

This is so embarrassing.

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While outgoing first daughter Ivanka Trump on Tuesday tried to participate in a charity food giveaway hosted by the King Jesus International Ministry in Miami-Dade County, her daddy-president was put on speakerphone after calling in. While people at the charity event were trying to feed hungry Americans, Trump decided to feed his massive but fragile ego.

“They dumped hundreds of thousands of ballots; it was a rigged election!” Trump said. “We got 75 million votes that’s the most ever by a sitting president.”

“We’re fighting very, very hard!” the outgoing impeached president added.



You can only hear a couple of people clapping, with one saying, “Four more years!” But that’s it. This was a charity for hungry Americans. Once again, this president can only think of himself after sustaining a massive narcissistic injury after Joe Biden handily defeated him in the electoral and popular vote.

Trump tried to tweet out something very similar on Tuesday, but Twitter was quick to label it with, “The claim about election fraud is disputed.”

At this point, Trump’s claims of a rigged election are just embarrassing. Trump’s malignant narcissism will not allow him to accept that he was defeated. Trump’s mental illness means that he is incapable of empathy, and he proved that once again during his speakerphone rant.

It’s my opinion that Trump will never concede, and that doesn’t really matter, y’all. After all, President-elect Joe Biden has a plan for that. The Biden campaign seemed undeterred previously, and said, “The United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

As for Ivanka, she didn’t give a fuck about the poor during the four very long years her father sat in the White House, so I’m going to go out on a limb here to suggest that she’s considering running for office in Florida. Just a hunch. It’s always a grift with the Trumps. And if Ivanka really cared about struggling Americans, she wouldn’t help her father with his attempted coup.

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