Ivanka Trump Spotted Showing Off Her Abs During Walk With Hubby Jared After Reports Claim She’s “Focusing On Family Time”

Ivanka is out here living her best life, y'all.

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Recently, we reported that the “power” couple that is Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were looking to take a step back from Ivanka’s father Donald Trump’s political spotlight and focus on a more traditional, family-friendly relationship with the now-disgraced ex-president. Jared himself is reportedly hoping to take a large step back from his position of advising his highly politicized father-in-law, in exchange for a “simpler” relationship with him, while Ivanka is allegedly “focusing on family time” a little more, and a little less on whatever her father’s got going on.

And it seems the eldest Trump daughter is certainly holding true to that plan.

Since her father departed the White House is a cloud of shame and disgrace, we’ve reported on Ivanka’s goings-on several times now, including her little family “getaway” on a yacht a couple of months back where she donned a simple black bikini and jumped off the boat hand in hand with her daughter, and a recent stroll she took with the hubs while sporting a crop top — something that’s evidently become a “thing” for the couple here lately.


Once again, the former First Daughter has been spotted with her advisor husband out on a stroll together, with Ivanka flaunting those almost assuredly surgically sculpted abs of her in a crop top.

A new report from The Sun features new photos of Ivanka out on a walk with Jared, wearing a peachy pink crop top/sports bra, floral patterned leggings in a matching color and a white ballcap and aviator sunglasses to shield her eyes in that blazing Miami sun. Even the family god Winter tagged along this time, being led on a leash by the eldest Trump girl.

Ivanka donned a pair of sneakers and socks in a light lilac shade that, sickeningly enough, perfectly matched the pooch’s leash.

Jared accompanied his wife in a less sporty ensemble, wearing a navy t-shirt, khaki shorts, and dark-colored running shoes. The couple was escorted by Secret Service agents looking muscular in plain clothing.

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While at the end of the day, this is little more than a stroll for the couple, it does seem to serve as proof that Ivanka and her immediate family really are trying to move on from her father’s numerous fiascos. But I’ve gotta tell her, I don’t think all the crop tops in the world will stop those depositions from closing in, sweetie.

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