Ivanka’s Anniversary Message To Her Husband Jared Kushner Went Off The Rails And It’s Humiliating

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Evidently, as upwards of 1,000 Americans a day lose their lives to a deadly pandemic that’s been completely uncontrolled by her father, the eldest Trump daughter, White House advisor, and daddy’s resident princess is celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary to Slenderman, excuse me, Jared Kushner.

To mark the day, Nepotism Barbie took to her Twitter account with a little short but “sweet” message to the hubs.

“11 incredible years… with forever to go!” Ivanka wrote on her social media account, captioning a few pictures of the couple over the years. “Happy anniversary my love!”

As we’ve come to expect from the Twitter-sphere, they didn’t take well to Ivanka’s tweet declaring her love for the guy who’s had a pretty serious hand in the death of over 225,000 Americans due to his role in the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Lincoln Project, a group of never-Trumper Republicans dedicated to fumigating the White House of this country’s biggest embarrassment, got a hold of Ivanka’s tweet rather quickly, responding to the anniversary post with an image of the billboards they’ve erected in New York City’s Times Square:

The rest of social media followed suit and piled on:

Someone throw these two in the trash where they belong already.

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